Saturday, June 16, 2012

Como la Flor

I am actually quite smitten with this picture. I am a complete lover of roses and the color yellow! It's amazing to find such beauty unraveling itself on a long, thorny stem....

Self Reflection Time! *Yes, I am going there* I guess it's all of these sudden changes that are bringing on all of these thoughts. My adolescence was a long, torturous period of pain and awkwardness in some hell-hole that is normally referred to as Central Junior High. I was very ashamed of something that should have been valued more. I never took myself seriously, much less did anyone else.The mere thought of those days bring on a large variety of emotions that make me want to rip something to shreds and burn the pieces. But I digress. I made it a goal to love and nurture myself. I always take the time to look back and pat myself on the back for all of my hard work and progress. It has been a journey. I find myself in a constant state of flux. I am slowly *unraveling* myself to the world, and myself, amazingly. Life is an interesting journey. I am not perfect, and it takes a lot for me to admit a lot of my flaws. Again, I fail to take myself seriously. In achieving respect for myself, I can conquer that of others'. I am a work in progress. I have a lot to work on, but I am happy where I find myself, today. Things have changed so much! I like the change, however, and welcome it con mucho gusto!!

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