Thursday, January 17, 2013

Calavera Ring

Handmade Calavera Ring! So, one of my lovely amigas from San Francisco State gave me this adorable calavera bead. At first, I put it on a bracelet, but then I decided that what I really wanted was a ring. I had seen *this* tutorial and felt inspired to put this ring together! So, I went and got some wire and used a mascara to measure out my finger. It was really easy! All I did was wrap it around the mascara and then around the bead to secure it. So far, people seem to really dig it ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dia los Estar Wars Shirt

Based off of Jose Pulido's graphic of R2D2 as a day of the dead calavera, I decided to put the graphic on an old shirt I had :) I used acrylic paint (of the same color of the sleeves to make it cohesive), fabric medium for the paint, paint brushes, a handmade stencil, a bag (to prevent the paint from painting the otherside of the shirt), and Jose Pulido's R2D2 graphic. I love the way it came out and the originality of it :) make a gif picture
make a gif picture R2D2

Monday, January 7, 2013


While in a heap of writer's block, I tend to doodle nonesense on the nearest scratch papers and trash around me. I just thought this one came out pretty gnarly ;) LupitaDrawing3

Dibujitos de 2012

Aunque ya llegamos al 2013, I want to share some of my spotlight drawings from last year. I have learned so much, yet, have soo much to learn! Bring it on, 2013! Drawings 2012 Drawings 2012 Drawings 2012 Drawings 2012

Bike to Work Day 2012

I painted this for a Bike to Work project in my old Graphic Design class. Bike to Work Day