Thursday, January 17, 2013

Calavera Ring

Handmade Calavera Ring! So, one of my lovely amigas from San Francisco State gave me this adorable calavera bead. At first, I put it on a bracelet, but then I decided that what I really wanted was a ring. I had seen *this* tutorial and felt inspired to put this ring together! So, I went and got some wire and used a mascara to measure out my finger. It was really easy! All I did was wrap it around the mascara and then around the bead to secure it. So far, people seem to really dig it ;)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dia los Estar Wars Shirt

Based off of Jose Pulido's graphic of R2D2 as a day of the dead calavera, I decided to put the graphic on an old shirt I had :) I used acrylic paint (of the same color of the sleeves to make it cohesive), fabric medium for the paint, paint brushes, a handmade stencil, a bag (to prevent the paint from painting the otherside of the shirt), and Jose Pulido's R2D2 graphic. I love the way it came out and the originality of it :) make a gif picture
make a gif picture R2D2

Monday, January 7, 2013


While in a heap of writer's block, I tend to doodle nonesense on the nearest scratch papers and trash around me. I just thought this one came out pretty gnarly ;) LupitaDrawing3

Dibujitos de 2012

Aunque ya llegamos al 2013, I want to share some of my spotlight drawings from last year. I have learned so much, yet, have soo much to learn! Bring it on, 2013! Drawings 2012 Drawings 2012 Drawings 2012 Drawings 2012

Bike to Work Day 2012

I painted this for a Bike to Work project in my old Graphic Design class. Bike to Work Day

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

La Melancolía

During my summer, I had my ups and downs. In the midst of my emotional rollercoaster, my hands were able to muster up this drawing. Inspired by Federico Aubele's video, "La Esquina," this woman was born. To keep a long, complicated story short, I found myself in a dark place when this drawing was born. It helped me express myself, and find some very sought after inner-peace. I call it La Melancolía. 

La Melancolía

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Camera Fun

On Thursday, I had the pleasure to spend a wonderful afternoon with one of my best friends, Liz. When you're at home and bored as long as I am, nights out with your friends are just the bomb diggity! I have found myself in quite a funk, lately. My creative juices aren't flowing, and things are at an all-time bore on the right hemisphere of the cerebral cortex of my brain. Luckily, I had the chance to hang out with Liz! After this get-together, I am just gleaming with new ideas! Alas, the creative juices have begun to flow, once more! :)
 Liz is my partner in crime when it comes to all things artsy. She has a great eye for photography, and I *always* enjoy our collaborations! The fact of the matter is, she is amazing. We both currently own a Nikon D3000 and always take advantage of opportunities such as these! We planted one of the cameras on a tripod, stuck on a fisheye lens (courtesy of Liz), and went wild. We attempted long exposure shots, as well as took a crack at Stop Motion videos. This video is a result of that night of fun... Enjoy! :)