Thursday, May 31, 2012


I am undeniably obsessed with sugar skulls! I like to sprinkle them around in just about everything I put together! In expressing my love, I put together this little design. The skull itself is inspired by Little is Drawing and Mis Nopales Art. Both of these artists have quickly made it to my favorites!
My materials include:
- A blank, white, oversized shirt (I got mine for about $5)
- Acrylic paints and brushes
- Fabric medium (I used GAC900)
- Paper bag
I covered the area with old plastic bags just to protect my surface :) I cut the side of the paper bag and traced a large circle on it. Using the circle, I was able to create my ideal skull shape. After drawing my skull shape, I cut the skull out and made sure it was as big as I wanted it to be, placing it on the shirt and trimming where needed. I used the paper with the cut out skull as my stencil to guide my painting. I also made stencils of the border of the eyes and the eyes, themselves. I used a stencil for this part because I wanted them to be identical ;) I put a whole paper bag inside the shirt to protect the otherside of the shirt. By taping the stencils on the shirt, I painted accordingly, and this is what I came up with!
So, as a lover of roses, I decided to add a rose to the skull. I basically peeled off the stencil and free-handed the rose :) After that dried, I put the stencil back on and continued with the painting.

The last two pictures are taken by my lovely and talented friend, Liz :)

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